Civil and military security with the Internet of Things

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World Premiere

Introducing our autonomous gunshot detection system

The original system developed by HL2 acts as a sentry which listens to the area it is monitoring. Within 10 seconds of a gunshot being detected, a detailed alert message is securely sent to the response team, via the new LPWAN connected object networks




What the IoT brings to your applications


Combine a large variety of low-power miniaturized sensors, embedding one or several sensing functions


Take advantage of Ultra Low Power components and high-capacity batteries to achieve up to 10 years autonomy


Use the new LPWAN wireless IoT networks. They are low-cost, long range, low-power and flexible


Install your cable-free, easy-to-use applications quickly, leveraging your own network or using those of public operators

Our technologies

Embedded intelligence

Add smarts to your objects by embedding our advanced algorithms, including acoustic and vibratory signature analysis

Secure network communication

Increase the volume of application data sent, secure your data exchanges and improve the quality of service of LPWAN networks with our SCAP / LTP network stack

Data collection

Easily and rapidly collect your data from providers (Sigfox and LoRaWAN™) via HL2 Panorama, our scalable and interoperable IoT platform

Our flexible and innovative solution for your applications

Use cases for our technologies

detection of gunshots, explosions, agressions, screams

detection of landslides, earthquakes, avalanches

crossing, intrusions, presence, counting

arson, forest fire prevention

collisions, projections, blows, breaking and entering

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